Karl-Heinz Limberg

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Tourism professional with over 20 years of experience and a solid commercial background. Started my career as tour guide for a large tour operator, working in Spain, former Yugoslavia, London/UK and Kenya.

Eight years as Product Manager for a medium-sized German tour operator with responsibility for 15 destinations (among others Canary Islands, Costa del Sol, Italy, Portugal, Northern Africa, Middle East, South Asia and Latin America) – including hotel contracting, price packaging, catalogue production and promotions for consumers/travel agents.

10 years as Tourism Manager at the Canadian Consulate in Düsseldorf, then Managing Director Germany for the Canadian Tourism Commission, leading a team of 5 people and with responsibility for marketing strategies and a budget of approx. EUR 1,500,000 p.a.. Introduced many coops with German tour operators and non-traditional partners such as adidas, Jack Wolfskin, Sympatex and Porsche which led to high ROI’s. PR program achieved media exposure with an advertising value of up to EUR 30,000,000 per annum. Responsible for Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands for a few years.

Created my own business in the cosmopolitan city of Düsseldorf in early 2011, working in co-operation with two highly professional agencies: The Destination Office and Travel Marketing Romberg. The Canadian Tourism Commission is our first joint client. KHL Tourism and Lifestyle Consulting is also representing two DMC's in Egypt and Morocco in the German market.

LANGUAGES: German (mother language), English, French, Spanish, Italian and basic knowledge of Portuguese

AWARDS: President’s Award of the Canadian Tourism Commission (global employee of the year) in 2004, President’s Team Award in 2006. Various awards as one of the best NTO’s in Germany.

PERSONAL: sports (and yoga to cool down!) and a healthy lifestyle are priorities. Fitness, particularly interested in medical wellness and nutrition. Love to follow politics, enjoy theatre, movies and a nice dinner with friends ... if I only had more time!


Ideas which sound crazy at a first glance may work well after giving them a second thought!