Jens Maula

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Jens loves the North where he paddles in the fjords, discovers Spitzbergen with a snowmobile, hikes thru the mountains of Iceland or just relaxes at the Inari Lake. After his studies (German philology and history) he lived in Norway for five years and in Finland for two years, working as teacher for German, translator and proofreader). Since 2011 he has settled down in Berlin. Jens writes texts and compiles press clippings, he teaches at a German-Scandinavian school and makes music! He speaks German, English, Norwegian and has a basic knowledge of French and Finnish.

Favorite moments: pause and relax for a moment after having climbed a mountain and just enjoy the view. Slide on crosscountry skis thru a snowy landscape. Dive into a cold lake after visiting a sauna.